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Wayne originates frpm the Middle English wain meaning a “cart” or “wagon” with its roots in the Old English waegn or waegen.  The constellation of the Plow was known in the Middle Ages as Charles’s Wain. 

The surname may be either locational, describing a place-name, or occupational, as a wagon-driver.  Waghen near Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire could be a candidate as the place-name

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England.  Wayne is not a common surname in England, with less than 300 recorded in the 1881 census.  The main focus for these Waynes has been the county of Derbyshire. 

The name John Attenwayne was recorded in Derbyshire in 1327 and Richard Wayne has been traced to Hertbill in Derbyshire in the early 1400’s.  From his line came Captain Anthony Wayne, born on the Derbyshire/Yorkshire border, who came to Ireland in the 1680’s, settled in county Wicklow, and later crossed the Atlantic to Pennsylvania.   His ancestry can be found in Edwin Sellers’ 1927 book The English Ancestry of the Wayne Family.

Another Wayne line in Derbyshire began with the birth of William Wayne in Brassington in 1731.  The Rev. William Wayne was vicar of Parwich in the 1830’s.  In nearby Yorkshire, Christopher Wayne served as mayor of Richmond in 1757.  Mary Wayne was recorded as operating a beer house near Richmond in the early 1800’s. 

.  Captain Anthony Wayne and his family came from Wicklow in Ireland to Chester county, Pennsylvania in 1724.  General Anthony Wayne (nicknamed Mad Anthony), his grandson, was a hero of the Revolutionary War.  Many places, such as Fort Wayne in Indiana, were named after him. 
The General’s son Isaac was a US Congressman from Chester county.  His descendants are still resident at the family home of Waynesboro.

Richard Wayne
came from Yorkshire in 1759 to Charleston where he prospered as a merchant.  He moved after the Revolutionary War to Savannah.  His son James served as mayor of Savannah in 1817 and was a US Supreme Court Justice in Washington until his death in 1867;
while his grandson Richard served as the first elected mayor of Savannah for four terms between 1844 and 1858.

There was a Wayne family in Georgia descended from Preacher John Wayne of Hall county, Georgia in the early 1800’s.  William Wayne and his wife Elizabeth lived in the 1850’s in Shelbyville, Kentucky.  The son George, a soldier in the Civil War, later migrated west to California

The actor John Wayne was norn Marion Morrison and had Irish roots going back to county Antrim in the late 17th century.

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Mad Anthony Wayne was a fiery General of the American forces during the Revolutionary War.
John Wayne
, born Marion Morrison, was the well-known American actor.
Bruce Wayne
was the alter ego of Batman in the Batman comics and films

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  • 1,000 in the UK (most numerous in East Midlands)
  • 4,000 in America (most numerous in California) 
  • 1,000 elsewhere (most numerous in Canada)

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